Text № 9. Викладач Кособокова А.В.

surveyor"). If the appraiser's opinion is based on Market Value, then it must also be based on the Highest and Best Use of the real property. For mortgage valuations of improved residential property in the US, the appraisal is most often reported on a standardized form, such as the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report. Appraisals of more complex property (e.g. – income producing, raw land) are usually reported in a narrative appraisal report.

Word List:

1. valuation
2. corporate stock
3. to transact
4. infrequently
5. furthermore
6. auction
7. a stock market
8. differentiation
9. lack
10. to figure out
11. mortgage loan
12. divorce
13. tax matter
14. certified appraiser
15. property valuer
16. land valuer
17. surveyor
18. mortgage valuation
19. raw land
20. narrative

Черкаський політехнічний технікум Для студентів III курсу, група ОД

Text № 9. Викладач Кособокова А.В.

Exercises to the text:

Exercise 1. Make up all kinds of questions to the text.

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________

Exercise 2. Insert the proper words.

1. Real estate appraisal, _______________valuation or land valuation is the _______________ of valuing real property.

2. Appraisals are needed because _______________ to, say, corporate stock, real estate transacts very_______________.

3. The _______________usually provides a written _______________on this value to his or her _______________.

Report compared appraiser infrequently client property process

Exercise 2. Make up sentences, using these words.

1. divorce


2. surveyor


3. infrequently


Exercise 3. Underline the unnecessary word.

1. The value usually sought is the property's mortgage Market Value.

2. Not only that, but every property is certified different from the next, a factor that doesn't affect assets like corporate stock.

3. Sometimes the appraisal differentiation report is used by both parties to set the sale price of the property appraised.

Черкаський політехнічний технікум Для студентів III курсу, група ОД

Text № 9. Викладач Кособокова А.В.

Text 10.

House Appraisals

If you are in the midst of selling or buying a house, one of the buzzwordsyou are probably hearing is "appraisal." The appraisal is a key element to the home-buying process. Unless you are buying a home with cash, you cannot complete a home sale without it.


An appraisal is a report that is prepared by a trained professional in the real-estate field who is knowledgeable about what gives a home its worth. The appraiser evaluates your home's interior and exterior, makes notes of upgrades and deficiencies, and determines what he or she believes is your home's actual worth.

How Is an Appraisal Determined?

The appraisal is based on the size of the home, location, number of rooms and bathrooms, additional features and the quality of the details of the house. For example, if you just installed new moldings and floors throughout your home, the improvementswill increase its value. A home that has a deck, an extra bathroom or a new kitchen will also be appraised higher than similar homes without those upgrades.

Черкаський політехнічний технікум Для студентів III курсу, група ОД

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